• Maret 23, 2024

Easy Couple Costumes You Can DIY for Halloween

If you and your boo (see what we did there?) are on the hunt for the best couple costumes for Halloween 2023, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re making your relationship debut at a Halloween party or you\\\’re dressing up to take the kids trick-or-treating, you can pull together these easy couple costumes at the last minute using a combination of DIY creations, items from your closet, and new or thrifted purchases.

If you’re looking for funny couple costumes, try a clever malah costume for two, like Green with Envy, or dress up as a hilarious \\\’80s duo. In the market for a more unique couples costume? We\\\’ve got a creative riff on Alan Jackson\\\’s nostalgic \\\’90s hit \\\”Chattahoochee\\\” that\\\’s a guaranteed winner.

If you’re a big fan of DIY Disney costumes, consider a classic duo like Aladdin and Jasmine or Ariel and Flounder. If famous couples costumes from Televisi and movies are more your speed, you\\\’ll also find plenty of inspiration here. (Is your heart set on Beth Dutton and Cole Hauser? Head to our Yellowstone costume guide right now.)

Whatever your duo costume needs may be, we’ve got you covered! That said, there’s plenty more to explore. Check out our favorite Halloween costumes for women, DIY Halloween costumes for men, and the ultimate best friends Halloween costumes too. No go forth, dress up, and have a totally awesome October 31st! And don\\\’t forget to post the final look on Instagram along with an ingenious Halloween caption.

Ring of Fire\\\” Couple Costume
This easy couple costume is inspired by Johnny Cash\\\’s 1963 hit.

For the ring of fire: Purchase a hula hoop and red, orange, and yellow tulle. Cut https://numerounosantaclarita.com/ several strips of each that are roughly one foot long. Tie the strips around the hoop in a pattern of red, orange, yellow, orange, red until the hoop looks full. (You can trim any ends that look too long!) Wear a red dress to match your ring.

For Johnny Cash: Sport a black suit, shirt, and shoes. Guitar and sunglasses optional!

\\\”Chattahoochee\\\” Couple Costume
Continuing the country music costume theme, Alan Jackson’s “Chattahoochee” is basically synonymous with the summer of 1993. If that era is nostalgic for you and your sidekick, then this riff on the famous music video and lyrics is for you two spring chickens.

For the skiier (aka Alan himself!): Don ripped jeans, a vintage-looking life vest, cowboy hat, boots, and a slalom ski, which you can find on eBay. If desired, pair with a burger and a grape sno-cone.

For the “pyramid of cans in the pale moonlight”: Empty and rinse out six beer cans (any brand will do), then hot-glue cans in a pyramid shape to a solid-colored t-shirt. Cut out a moon shape from glitter cardstock, then secure to a headband with hot glue. Embellish the base with assorted metallic stars

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters Couple Costume
It seems like every year those Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier… and earlier. You might as well make lemonade out of lemons and get double mileage out of your ugly Christmas sweaters for your couple\\\’s Halloween costume.